Soldat Bergman was an Afrika Korps soldier serving under Major von Falken. He was one of the men who accompanied Feldwebel Kraus to Bir Acroma in search of its well. When the Germans were ambushed by the Allied troops defending the structure, Bergman and Kraus were the only two survivors. Against Kraus' advice, Bergman surrendered, and the two were quickly captured.

American Sergeant Joe Gunn offered the two water. When Kraus refused out of pride, Bergman timidly joined him in turning down Gunn's offer. However, when Gunn had Kraus taken away, and again offered Bergman water, this time if he'd tell him and Captain Halliday the strength of their force, Bergman gave in and told them. He then happily drank the water.

After this, Gunn released both men and their returned to von Falken. Under questioning, Bergman admitted he'd told Gunn the number of men under von Falken's command, and an enraged von Falken drew his sidearm and shot the young soldier dead on the spot.


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