Oberst Dankhopf was a Heer officer who was captured by American soldier Kelly in Nazi-occupied France. He had a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist containing a number of papers and several of what Dankhopf claimed were lead bars. Kelly quickly realized they were actually gold bars painted to look like lead.

Kelly offered Dankhopf some brandy and quickly got him drunk, whereupon Dankhopf told Kelly that several thousand gold bars were in a bank in a French town called Clairmont, being guarded by three SS Tiger tanks. After this, a botched American mortar barrage and a German counterattack caused Kelly's NCO, Big Joe, to order everyone out.

Kelly attempted to take Dankhopf with him, but the two were separated when a German mortar blast exploded the barn they'd just emerged from, knocking them down. Big Joe grabbed Kelly and dragged him along, abandoning Dankhopf. The drunken officer got up and then wandered carelessly across the battlefield until a Tiger tank drove through a wall in front of him. He walked up to it, and its machine gunner, mistaking him for an enemy soldier in the dark, shot and killed him.


  • Iron Cross 2nd Class