Generaloberst Dohrmann was a high-ranking officer in the Heer and the superior officer of General von Kleber. He was greatly feared by his subordinates. A veteran of World War I, he served as the head of the Wehrmacht General Staff in Italy in 1944. Despite his position, he was obliged to appease the local SS commanding officer, Standartenführer Jannings, and often allowed him to influence his decisions. Dohrmann charged Hauptmann Friedrich von Hecht with apprehending and questioning the American paratrooper Captain Turner. He later threw a party for his staff before a big offensive against the Americans.


  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  • Iron Cross 1st Class
  • Iron Cross 1st Class Clasp
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class
  • War Merit 2nd Class with Swords
  • Eastern Front Medal
  • Wehrmacht Long Service Award