Brigadeführer Götz was an SS Black Sun officer serving under Gruppenführer Neurath involved in the Lazarus Project, which were secret Nazi experiments allowing recently deceased German soldiers to be able to dematerialize and go through walls, appearing and disappearing at will. It also created undead flesh-eating zombies. He worked closely with Dr. Klausener. He later died when he entered the containment chamber in an effort to contain an unruly test subject, and his physical body was completely destroyed. His spirit lived on, and he became the very first of the "ghost Nazis."

Years later, he and his men still haunted the outpost. A group of mercenaries led by D.C. and financed by a man named Hunt through Götz's old colleagues Klausener and Neurath arrived in search of the device which created the undead soldiers. Götz, a shell of his former self, was found by the mercenaries and mistaken for a local Yugoslavian man who'd been a survivor of an attack by insurgents. It wasn't until they watched some old films about Lazarus that they discovered Götz's true identity, whereupon mercenary Prior shot him. But Götz didn't die. He arose and disappeared. Later, he turned up in his old SS uniform and led the ghostly Nazis to attack and kill the mercenaries, as well as a backup team sent by Klausener.

Using Hunt, Götz was able to increase the effect of the Lazarus machine, allowing him and his men to venture forth beyond the immediate vicinity of the outpost. They slaughtered their way through most of Yugoslavia before a Jewish woman named Lena, who'd been hunting for Klausener and Neurath because they killed her parents, arrived with a group of soldiers. She found Hunt hooked up to the machine, and was going to use Neurath's ring to shut it off before Götz returned and captured her, confiscating Neurath's ring.

As he prepared to kill her, Hunt attacked him, and Götz dropped the ring. Lena grabbed it and inserted it into the device, switching it off. Götz and all of his men, in the outpost and elsewhere, all fell lifeless to the floor, ending the horror of the Lazarus Project once and for all. Götz survived somehow, but Lena crushed his head with a fire extinguisher.


  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross With Oakleaves and Swords
  • Iron Cross 1st Class
  • German Cross (Gold)


  • His uniform is depicted as being the prewar black SS uniform. It's possible however it was merely Götz's dress uniform worn while at the outpost.