The German Lieutenant was an oberleutnant in the Wehrmacht who appeared to be the commanding officer of a Heer base somewhere in occupied France. He received a phone call informing him that an explosion had been detected at a nearby minefield. What the oberleutnant didn't know was that American soldiers led by Kelly and Big Joe had attempted to cross the field, and one of their number had been killed.

The oberleutnant was driven in a Kübelwagen to the minefield, followed by two troop trucks. When the Germans arrived, the oberleutnant surveyed the minefield with binoculars and dispatched his feldwebel to go and investigate. Suddenly, Kelly and the rest of the Americans sprang up from behind a stone wall opposite the road. In the ensuing firefight, the oberleutnant was the first German to be killed, cut down by Kelly's Thompson. Although all of his men followws suit, it was all for nothing as both Job and Mitchell were shot from across the minefield by the oberleutnant's men.


  • Iron Cross 2nd Class
  • 1st Class War Merit Badge With Swords (Silver)
  • General Assault Badge
  • Eastern Front Medal