"I have orders. This bank isn't to fall into the hands of the American Army."
The German Tank Commander was an obersharführer serving in the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Panzer division who was one of three Tiger tank commanders assigned to guard the bank in Clairmont which held several thousand gold bars. He was a blonde, dour-looking man with a scarred face. He is first seen talking to a hauptsturmführer about the dire fuel situation. When the Americans who were after the gold attacked, the commander ducked down inside his tank and pursued them.

Eventually, the Tiger tank returned to the bank following the destruction of the other two tanks, where it remained, threateningly firing off rounds in all directions. Attempting to figure out what to do, Crapgame suggested to Kelly and Big Joe to make a deal with the German commander. Kelly, Big Joe and Oddball approached the tank, and the commander emerged. Initially, Big Joe tried to tell him to leave, because of the impending arrival of General Colt's army. When the tank commander refused, they tried a different tactic - Kelly asked him if he even knew what was inside the bank, and, when he didn't, Oddball told him. The commander's face noticeably widened.

They worked out a deal whereby he'd use the Tiger's gun to blow open the bank, and he and his crew would get an equal share. He complied and later (a little awkwardly) joined his new American allies in celebrating. He sold his Tiger and his jacket to Oddball. Donning Oddball's leather jacket, he said goodbye to Kelly. He reflexively gave the Nazi salute, but, realizing his error, smiled and quickly gave him the American salute instead.


  • Iron Cross 1st Class
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class
  • War Merit Cross
  • Sudetenland Medal
  • Anschluss Medal


  • He has white trim on his uniform instead of pink.