Standartenführer Herzog was an Einsatzgruppe commander who died while in Norway protecting a cache of Nazi gold. When a group of Norwegian medical students disturbed the gold, Herzog and his men reanimated and attempted to reclaim it. The last surviving student returned the box to Herzog and it was assumed that the zombies would let him go, but he'd accidentally kept one coin, and an enraged Herzog attacked and apparently killed him to reclaim it.

But the student escaped and Herzog lost his right arm (this was later put on the student after he had cut his own arm off with a chainsaw to prevent being infected). Herzog later decides to obey Hitler's order to exterminate the population of an Norwegian town in reprisal of the sinking of the Tirpitz. But on the way there his troops massacred a village leaving no survivors and stole a tiger 1 tank at a museum and a map of the area. When he got there apparently the population had been evacuated and that the student had used his arm to raise his own army of the dead (red army troops he executed during world war 2). He engaged in combat against the red army leader zombie lieutenant Stavarin but killed him with a help from his troops Herzog finished him off with a pitch fork. The student then engaged him in a final fight but just when Herzog had the upper hand his own tiger tank fired at him and decapitated him sending his head away and his troops died soon after. But in the end the Nazi zombie doctor who had not fallen dead had found the remains of his head and it is revealed that Herzog is not heat truly gone.


  • Wound Badge (Silver)


  • Herzog is identified as an oberst in the credits.
  • His uniform is depicted as being the prewar black SS uniform, which is inaccurate for the time period he originates from, especially for an SS officer in Norway.