"Thank you for your opinion, Captain, but six men or even twelve blowing up the Della Norte Dam? What a charming fantasy."
Standartenführer Jannings was the cold, machine-like commander of the SS in Italy in 1944. Despite his rank he wielded enough authority to influence the decisions of the feared Generaloberst Dohrmann. Jannings did not see eye to eye with Hauptmann Friedrich von Hecht on anything, since von Hecht never bothered to conceal his contempt for the SS. He distrusted von Hecht so much he assigned Rottenführer Gunther to keep an eye on the Wehrmacht captain's headquarters. Jannings believed against all evidence to the contrary that Captain Turner's target was to be the Grimaldi Tunnel, even thought von Hecht insisted it was more than likely the Della Norte Dam. He was mostly kept in check however by support for the dam theory from von Hecht's superior General von Kleber.

When Gunther was killed by Turner, a vengeful Jannings turned the hunt for the American into an SS-led operation, placing two of von Hecht's companies under the command of his ruthless subordinate Sturmbanführer Taussig with orders to guard the Grimaldi Tunnel and not the Della Norte Dam. He kept this from von Hecht, however. When Generaloberst Dohrmann threw a party for his men, Jannings as in attendance. Von Hecht, having learned of what the SS officer had done, confronted him and was smugly told to report to Taussig in Reanoto.

Going behind Jannings' back, von Hecht got permission from General von Kleber to focus on the dam instead of the tunnel. Jannings, however, found out and pulled strings and to get von Kleber removed from command, and instructed Taussig to divert all resources to guard the Grimaldi Tunnel, placing von Hecht under the command of his likeminded subordinate. But Taussig's men were wiped out by the vengeful orphans of Reanoto, and Taussig himself eventually murdered by von Hecht, shortly before the dam, not the tunnel, was destroyed by Turner, just as von Hecht had predicted.


  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  • Iron Cross 1st Class
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class
  • War Merit Cross
  • Wound Badge (Black)