"My competence was proven in combat. Against soldiers who shoot back. Not slaughtering civilians."

Hauptmann Klaus Woermann was a German Gebirgsjäger officer assigned to guard the Dinu Pass in the Carpathian Mountains. He appears in both the novel and film adaptation of The Keep.


A veteran of World War I, Woermann became an officer in the Wehrmacht and took part in the Nazi invasion of Poland. Although initially eager to participate despite repeated refusals to join the Nazi Party despite tremendous pressure from his colleagues, the fight went out of him after he witnessed SS einsatzkommandos murder several Polish civilians in Posnan. He had protested and consequently been removed from active combat duty, and sent to the Dinus Pass.

Here he encountered Radu Molasar (or the being calling himself that), who fed on the lives of his men. His request for a transfer was refused, and Oberführer Hossbach instead sent Sturmbannführer Kaempffer to assist him in quelling what the SS believed to be mere partisans. He eventually took his own life by hanging himself, but this didn't stop Molasar, eventually revealed as the being Rasalom, from resurrecting him as one of his undead minions. In this form, Woermann killed Kaempffer.


He and his men set up headquarters in an old keep near a small Romanian town, where two of his soldiers, Hans Lutz and Otto Grunstadt, unwittingly unleashed an evil force from within the bowels of the structure. Woermann's request for reassignment was denied and met instead with the arrival of SS Einsatzkommando led by Sturmbannführer Kaempffer, who antagonized Woermann and didn't believe in his stories about a monster in the keep. Eventually, following an argument, Kaempffer shot and killed Woermann.