Feldwebel Kraus was an NCO serving in the Afrika Korps under Major von Falken. When the Germans discovered the empty well at Hassan Barani, their African scout suggested going to Bir Acroma. Kraus was handpicked by von Falken for the task. He took the guide and a group of soldiers and they drove to Bir Acroma in a halftrack ahead of the main force. Upon arriving they discovered the structure being defended by a group of American and British troops, who ambushed them. Only Kraus and another soldier, Bergman, survived and were taken prisoner.

When Joe Gunn offered them water, Kraus refused out of pride and was taken away, so that Gunn could tempt Bergman with water in return for telling him the strength of von Falken's forces. He then released both soldiers. The two returned to the main force, and although von Falken executed Bergman for betraying him, he spared Kraus, who continued to fight against Bir Acroma's defenders in the hopes of taking its well, which none of the Germans knew was dry.

Following the deaths of von Falken and Hauptmann Mueller, Kraus was the next senior, but never properly took command of the German forces, which by this time had become undisciplined and desperate. When a stray mortar hit the well and tapped into a new spring, Kraus joined the other soldiers in surrendering to Gunn in exchange for water. He was later taken prisoner.


  • Infantry Assault Badge
  • Wound Badge (Black)


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