Feldwebel Krause was one of Major von Falken's troops. He led a scouting party to investigate the well at Bir Acroma. In the ensuing firefight against a group of American and British soldiers, only he and another German soldier, Richter, survived and were taken prisoner. When questioned, Krause refused to cooperate with Gunn and Halliday, even refusing the offer of water. Richter accepted the water and told their captors about the total strength of von Falken's troops. Outraged at this betrayal, Krause attacked Richter on the way back to the German forces after they were released, hitting him on the head and leaving him to die in the desert.


  • Krause's fate is never explicitly made clear. He either died during the battle for the well, or was one of the Germans who surrendered and was taken prisoner.
  • When questioned by Halliday, he gives a completely different name, Schneider.

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