Hauptmann Kreuger was the German officer in charge of the Della Norte Dam. When Hauptmann Friedrich von Hecht arrived and took command, fearing sabotage, a concerned Kreuger phoned headquarters and was informed that von Hecht's orders had been to go to the Grimaldi Tunnel. He confiscated von Hecht's Luger and placed him under arrest, assigning Wydel to guard him. Shortly afterwards, Captain Turner was spotted planting explosives, and Kreuger, although keeping von Hecht under guard, directed his men to shoot at the saboteurs.


  • War Merit Cross 1st Class without Swords
  • War Merit Cross 2nd Class without Swords
  • Infantry Assault Badge


  • Kreuger's fate is not known. He's last seen walking away from von Hecht and isn't present for the firefight between the dam guards and the children. Although it's likely he died when the dam was destroyed, this isn't certain.
  • Michael Avallone's novelization calls him "Krueger" and simply gives his rank as "Commandant."