Obersturmführer Kruger was an SS officer who through some unknown means was turned into a zombie along with one of his men, Jakob. Thin, gaunt and hollow-eyed and bedecked in a long black leather trenchcoat, Kruger still had his field binoculars around his neck.


  • Unlike Jakob, Kruger's rank isn't stated on his box. He's simply identified as "SS Officer Kruger." However his insignia is that of an Obersturmführer.
  • Although nothing on his uniform such as a cuff band identifies him as such, it's likely he is in the SS-Division Totenkopf like Jakob.
  • Although he is dressed in the stereotypical all-black SS uniform, his attire depends on when he became a zombie. In any event, the black uniform can be said to be artistic license on DAM's part.