Hauptmann Mueller was an Afrika Korps officer who served as Hans von Falken's faithful second in command. He accompanied his commanding officer to Bir Acroma in an effort to take the well being guarded by Allied troops by force. After American NCO Joe Gunn's offer of exchanging German guns for water was refused by von Falken, the Germans fought a pitched battle against the well's defenders, who proved very well dug in and persistent. Despite the Afrika Korps' superior numbers, they proved incapable of defeating the Allies.

As their men both thirstier and thirstier, a desperate Mueller pleaded with von Falken to reconsider Gunn's offer. After persuading him, he accompanied von Falken to parley with their enemies a second time, armed with a rifle. Instead of Gunn, the two were met by Free French Corporal Jean Leroux, who had a distaste for Germans because of the destruction of his hometown in France. He and von Falken argued, and the Frenchman ended negotiations by pulling a knife and stabbing the Major in the stomach.

Mueller reacted by bringing his rifle up and attempting to kill Leroux, but the Frenchman pulled von Falken's sidearm from its holster and shot Mueller dead.


  • Wound Badge (Silver)

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