Otto is the name of two characters in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

2nd NaziEdit

2nd nazi2


Otto was a plainclothes Gestapo agent who was one of Toht's henchmen in the Raven bar shootout. When Indiana Jones and the giant Sherpa fought to a standstill, Toht ordered his fellow German to, "Shoot them. Shoot them both." Jones and the sherpa then both shot Otto together.


  • His name isn't given in the film. There is an Otto listed in the credits, a German soldier appearing in Tanis. The name "Otto" in relation to this character comes from the Raiders of the Lost Ark West End Games sourcebook.
  • In the credits and script, he is identified as 2nd Nazi.
  • In Campbell Black's novelization, he wears an eyepatch and is consequently nicknamed Eye Patch.




Otto was a German soldier at the dig site in Tanis. He guarded Belloq's tent and prevented Marion Ravenwood from escaping. During dinner, Belloq dismissed him at Marion's request.