"Ah, Herr Bartlett. And Herr MacDonald. We are together again. You're going to wish you had never put us to so much trouble."
Preissen was a high-ranking Gestapo official. He and his associate Kuhn, along with SS Hauptsturmführer Dietrich, brought the captured Roger Bartlett to Stalag Luft III. He showed disdain for the Wehrmacht, and seemed to wish that the camp be brought under the jurisdiction of the SS - the Gestapo in particular. When an annoyed Oberst von Luger reminded him that Allied prisoners of war were the Luftwaffe's responsibility, Preissen smugly told him that this was only true "for the moment." Following the great escape, Preissen interrogated a recaptured Cavendish as well as Bartlett and MacDonald, and then ordered the majority of the captured prisoners to be executed by an SS machine gun squad and had von Luger relieved from command of the camp.