"You will come into the keep for interrogation. Now."
The SS Adjutant was an Einsatzkommando hauptscharführer who served as Sturmbanführer Erich Kaempffer's adjutant in Romania. When Dr. Cuza suggested to Kaempffer that "a stranger" at the local inn knew secrets about the keep, Kaempffer sent the adjutant and a squad of Einsatzkommando to arrest him. The man, Glaeken, resisted, throwing one soldier off of a bridge before the adjutant and his men opened fire, seemingly killing Glaeken, who bled green blood. Returning inside the keep, the adjutant and the rest of the Einsatzkommando ended up getting killed by Radu Molasar.


  • German Cross (Gold)
  • SS Long Service Award


  • He is dressed in inaccurate prewar black. This was a conscious decision of director Michael Mann who was insistent on visually distinguishing the Wehrmacht and the SS from one another.