Feldwebel Schwalberg was Hauptmann Friedrich von Hecht's trusted second in command. He was a competent squad leader who was almost always seen with von Hecht, to whom he was fiercely loyal and prepared to lie for.

Von Hecht often entrusted him with leading squads of his men on missions. He was usually seen with two other non-commissioned officers, Hermann and Ehrlich. If Schwalberg had a fault it was overconfidence. He was often too sure of himself and too quick to jump to conclusions.

He also was apparently on friendly terms with Sturmbannführer Taussig. When von Hecht failed to persuade Taussig of the threat to the Della Norte Dam, Schwalberg insisted Taussig would listen to him instead. Taussig also knew Schwalberg by name, implying familiarity and possible friendship prior to the war. Like his Hauptmann, Schwalberg was a principled and highly disciplined soldier. He kept his brutality to the battlefield and disliked the SS, particularly Standartenführer Jannings' watchdog Gunther.

When von Hecht went to convince Taussig of the threat to the Della Norte Dam with Schwalberg's help, they found that all of the SS in Reanoto had been massacred in reprisal for the killing of the town's adults. When von Hecht subsequently murdered Taussig in an argument, Schwalberg's loyalty to his Hauptmann was never stronger; he kept his mouth shut when von Hecht told Taussig's untersturmführer that the Sturmbanführer had committed suicide.

After this, he accompanied von Hecht to the dam. Von Hecht sent him to the opposite end of the structure along with Hermann and Ehrlich. He was never seen again after this.


  • Schwalberg's fate is unknown. He is last seen with von Hecht at the Della Norte Dam, but then he departs with Hermann and Ehrlich and is never seen again. It's possible he died when the dam was destroyed.