The Tough Sergeant was a Heer feldwebel served under Oberst Herman Dietrich. Following the destruction of both the Nazi plane and the Tanis airfield entirely, Dietrich decided to drive the Ark of the Covenant to Cairo, and fly it from there to Berlin. The feldwebel was one of the nine soldiers (including the driver) assigned as "plenty of protection" by Major Gobler, riding in back of the cargo truck with the crated Ark. When Indiana Jones took control of the truck, the soldiers tried climbing out onto the sides, but Jones shook them off. Only the feldwebel was smart enough to climb over the top. He regained control of the truck, throwing Jones through the windshield, and tried to crush him between the truck and Dietrich's staff car. Jones however managed to get back inside the cab, and gave the feldwebel a taste of his own medicine. He was thrown through the (already broken) windshield and run over.


  • The Sergeant was going to be made into an action figure by Hasbro, but the Indiana Jones toy line was cancelled. Only a prototype was made.
  • He is often confused for the feldwebel portrayed by John Rees, credited as "Sergeant." However, he is in fact played by uncredited stuntman Sergio Mione.
  • The name "Tough Sergeant" comes from the film script.