"Fliers are gentlemen, not peasants to dig in the earth."
Oberst von Luger was a Luftwaffe officer who served as the commandant of Stalag Luft III. A highly principaled and moral man, he detested the Nazis, in particular the SS and Gestapo. He was kind and fair, but firm, with the Allied P.O.W.s assigned to his care. Following the escape of numerous prisoners, von Luger was arrested by the SS and taken away by Untersturmführer Steinach. His fate is unknown, although his final words before being driven away implying that he will be executed.


  • Pour le Mérite
  • Iron Cross 1st Class, with 1939 Clasp
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class, with 1939 Clasp
  • Wehrmacht Long Service Award
  • Wound Badge (Silver)


  • It is unknown what happened to him after he was taken away by Steinach.
  • He is based on the real commandant of Stalag Luft III, Oberst Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav von Lindeiner, who survived the war.